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Women are embracing their grey hair by not dyeing it anymore

The original text of this article has been published on the Guardian.

‘It reminds me of the warrior woman I am’

I had an epiphany one day. I couldn’t stand the demarcation line. My hair had been so damaged from all the processing. Covid had everything shut down. It was time. I didn’t feel it was necessary to hide behind hair dye any more. I took the shears to my own hair and mowed it all off. The second picture is two and a half months of new, fresh, regrowth. I am now living my true self. I feel liberated, free, and released. I am loving the change, the colour, and all the silver – it reminds me of the warrior woman I am. It is by far, the most empowering and wonderful thing I have ever done for myself. Society places enough pressure on women to act, look, dress, and speak a certain way. In the last year, following Covid-19, I personally feel there have been enough restrictions placed on our lives. Own your grey hair and be powerful.

Lisa Sparrow, 57, respiratory therapist, used to live in Northamptonshire but now lives in the US

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