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Europe needs a new point of view: media is still the frontline of everyday-reality and women must be better included in it.

Background photo: First Step to the Top, the first live event by ENWE in Milan, December 2021 – Sofia Blu Cremaschi

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A free monthly newsletter showcasing a curated selection of profiles and contacts from the ENWE network of European databases of women experts, which includes 100esperteAcademiaNetAgenda d’Expertes, and Les Expertes.

Who We Are

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What We Do

We are engaged in gender gap issues and we drive female experts to have and impact.

A network to beat excuses

Fusce Media says that female experts are hard to find — we can help you. We created a curated database with rigorous criterias.


If what we see and read and hear are men’s voices, men’s perspectives, men’s news, women continue to be framed as passive observers rather than active citizens.

—Karen Ross, Professor of Gender and Media at Newcastle University