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University of Liège’s World Oceans Day Celebrations

Image credits: University of Liège

ENWE is pleased to highlight the University of Liège’s series of free events commemorating World Oceans Day on June 8. The news aligns with our latest newsletter issue dedicated to this international observance, Ask Women—on Oceans,” which spotlighted the profiles and contacts of four women experts in marine sciences from the Belgian university’s faculty, as selected by Expertalia, one of the European databases in our network.

For the occasion, the University of Liège has curated an engaging and educational program that spans several weeks and features a variety of activities, from conferences to interactive workshops, film screenings, exhibitions, and more. The goal is to raise awareness of the unprecedented crisis oceans face by encouraging personal reflection on the value of water, spreading knowledge about the biological diversity of aquatic environments and human impact, promoting a change in water resource management, and celebrating the importance of water, regardless of geographical proximity to the oceans.

You can learn more about the University of Liège’s events program for World Oceans Day on their website.

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