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Introducing Ask Women: the newsletter bringing women experts to your inbox

ENWE’s new initiative amplifies women’s expertise and addresses underrepresentation in the media.

According to the latest Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) report from 2020, women constitute only 24% of expert voices in news stories. Recognizing the urgency to address this disparity, the European Network of Women Experts (ENWE) is launching the “Ask Women” newsletter.

The free monthly newsletter Ask Women will provide journalists and event organizers with profiles and contacts of women experts directly in their inboxes. Each issue of “Ask Women” will focus on a theme related to current affairs, presenting accomplished professionals specializing in that area and available for interviews, panel discussions, events, and other collaborative opportunities. The inaugural issue is dedicated to environmental themes and set to launch on June 8, ahead of the United Nations’ World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought.

The “Ask Women” newsletter draws from various databases within the ENWE network, which includes 100esperte, a collection of over 400 women experts in STEM, Economics and Finance, History and Philosophy, International Politics, and Sports sectors from Italy; AcademiaNet, a comprehensive repository of over 3,300 profiles of women researchers from Europe and beyond, covering all disciplines; Agenda d’Expertes, a project of the Union of Valencian Journalists in Spain, where women experts are categorized based on profession, specialization, and geographical location; and Les Expertes featuring around 4,000 French and Francophone women experts.

The “Ask Women” newsletter not only amplifies women’s invaluable contributions to their respective fields but also expands the sources available to journalists, aiming to bridge the gap in media reporting.

To sign up for the “Ask Women” newsletter, visit enwe.substack.com

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