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Media pluralism and democracy in Europe: who risks more?

The European University Institute has published a report presenting the results and the methodologies of the Media Pluralism Monitor (MPM2020), a tool geared at assessing the risks to media pluralism in EU member states and selected candidate countries (30 European countries in total).

The Media Pluralism Monitor has been implemented by the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom, since 2013/2014 (last implementation MPM2017), covers the years 2018/19 and is based on a holistic perspective, and taking into account legal, political and economic variables that are relevant to analyzing the levels of plurality of media systems in a democratic society.

Particularly, the Social Inclusiveness area of the report, examines the access to the media by various social and cultural groups, such as minorities, local/regional communities, people with disabilities, and women. Women’s tendency on being heavily underrepresented in the managerial and top executive positions of both public service and commercial media, is still very real. On the other hand, male experts are more often invited to comment in political programmes and articles than female counterparts. No country recorded low risk on this matter.

Get to know all the details of the report by reading the full version here.

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