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Reaching gender equality in the media: where we are and what to do

An overview of the ENWE international panel about data, challenges, and helpful strategies for fairer and more accurate news

Artwork by Giulia Coppola

On Il Fatto Quotidiano, Giorgia Colucci reports on the “Reaching gender equality in the media: where we are and what to do” session of the ENWE “First Step to the Top” event.

At 2 pm, on December 2, in Milan and online, an international panel featuring Daniele Manca, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Corriere della Sera (Italy), Agnese Pini, Editor-in-Chief, La Nazione (Italy), Karen Ross, Professor of Gender and Media at Newcastle University, GMMP regional coordinator for Europe, and ENWE Ambassador (UK), Natascha Fioretti, Journalist (Switzerland), and Paola Profeta, Full Professor of Public Economics, Bocconi University (Italy), joined a conversation on the media gender gap in Europe.

Moderated by Maria Luisa Villa, journalist and ENWE co-founder, speakers presented and discussed the latest Global Media Monitoring Project data (2020) and challenges and helpful strategies to include more women experts in the news for a fairer, more accurate, and diverse representation.

“Women are still marginalized and underrepresented in the media. In Europe and even more so in Italy,” reads the article. The latest Global Media Monitoring Project (2020) shows in fact that women’s voices are still marginalized in Italian daily news, while at the EU level, newsrooms continue to see a “horizontal segregation” for which women journalists only write about specific topics.

But giving more room to women in the media is not just a matter of social justice. It would lead to a broader perspective on education, the environment, and society; greater attention to gender issues and the use of inclusive language. And the news would reach a wider audience, presenting a more heterogeneous view of reality and trigger a virtuous circle of representation and change.

Watch the panel at this link.

Read the complete Il Fatto Quotidiano article (in Italian) here.

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