Media play a crucial role in the way global gender inequalities are perpetuated or challenged. The Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industries (AGEMI) team invites you to an online presentation of the AGEMI web platform, addressing gender related issues in the media.

Participants will be able to access the resources openly available on the AGEMI web platform, navigate them, and attend a workshop in collaboration with Global Alliance on Media and Gender (GAMAG) rehearsing possible scenarios of use for advocacy, teaching and learning.

Speakers from the AGEMI team will be: Pamela Morinière (European Federation of Journalists EFJ), Karen Ross (University of Newcastle, UK), Claudia Padovani (University of Padova, Italy), Maria Edström (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) and Elena Chiaberge (COPEAM).

Save the date: November 23, 2020 15:30 – 17:00 (CET)

Registrations for the online event are available at this link.

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