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The first and primary goal of the European Network for Women Excellence is the creation of a network of contacts and collaboration in between female excellences in European countries in order to fight the women under-representation in media.

Web, television and print media are our first reference, because they can give substantial visibility and value to the women appearing there. A fairer representation of society in media is the first step toward a slow but consistential shift in culture.

As the Global Gender Gap Report 2020 shows, the gender gap is particularly strong in countries like Italy, which today is placed 76th out of 153 countries. We believe it is essential to offer a female point of view on the world because the only interpretation given by now has came from a male point of view.

We believe that women’s contribution will be determining in the building of a better society. “If what we see and read and hear are men’s voices, men’s perspectives, men’s news [then] women continue to be framed as passive observers rather than active citizens.” (Karen Ross, Cynthia Carter, Women And News: A Long And Winding Road, Media, Culture & Society33(8), Sage Publications, 2011, pp.1148-1165)